Spring: A season of safety

Things are starting to thaw out a little around here. With the warmer temperatures, farmers turn their sights to planting. Now is the time to make a plan. Taking a few days to sort things out before starting the time intensive process of planting makes an impact on the safety of the season.

Start early
Do a thorough check of your equipment well in advance to improve safety two-fold. Fixing the minor issues now will likely prevent a major break down when you start working your equipment hard. A break down that could put your safety at risk.

In addition, preventing break downs saves you time. You can work your plan at your pace. One of the most common things people say after a farm accident is “I was in a hurry.” Do whatever you can ahead of time in the hopes of preventing a time crunch as the season progresses.

And don’t forget to double check all of the safety features on your equipment including SMV symbols, shields, guards, and ROPS.

Taking some time to make it a priority now just might save you more time and money than you think.

A farm accident could mean 10 days in the hospital, $143,500 in hospital bills, and over $4,000 in lost productivity. For many farms that’s the operating profit for the entire year.

Think safety. Act safely.

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