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Become an Outreach Coordinator

Our outreach coordinators become farm safety advocates. We’re looking for people with a passion for agriculture, willingness to teach, and ability to work with children.

How It Works

Outreach coordinator positions are one-year terms, running from January to December. It’s a great fit for college students in agriculture needing a part-time job that looks great on their resume. It can count toward an internship as well.

The great thing about the position is the flexibility. You set your own schedule and work it in when you have time. We estimate about 30 hours a month, but how those are divided is up to each outreach coordinator.

If you’d like additional details about becoming an outreach coordinator, contact the Farm Safety For Just Kids office: 1-800-423–5437 or

What We Look For in Outreach Coordinator Candidates

  • While a background or experience in agriculture is helpful – it is not required.
  • The ideal outreach coordinator candidate is a talker, someone who can strike up a conversation with strangers at a county fair or farm show.
  • Your grandparents might describe you as “a real go-getter.” Because outreach coordinators set their own schedule they really have to be driven to meet goals.
  • Public speaking skills are essential for presenting farm safety in front of children and their families.
  • Often born and raised there, we’re looking for someone who loves the state they represent.
  • A network within the state is helpful as outreach coordinators are responsible for finding and scheduling all of their own events.
  • Organization and leadership skills are critical for managing schedules, documentation, and follow up.


Outreach coordinators have to complete 20 educational programs within the calendar year. But that’s just the minimum. The outreach coordinator with the most events at the end of the year gets a pretty significant bonus.

There are deadlines to meet for updates, reports, and follow up of course. Conference calls are held once a month for updates and brainstorming. Outreach coordinators cannot have a full-time job elsewhere.

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