ATV safety for the whole family

Whether used for work or recreational purposes, ATVs are not toys, even the small ones. A few things to consider before your child uses an ATV for work or play:

  • Discourage extra riders 
  • Make sure your child has an attitude of safety 
  • Coordination and judgment are crucial to operating an ATV safely 
  • Defensive driving is a must and reaction time is cruicial
  • Consider your child’s age and size when picking an ATV

Most ATV dealerships will post the following size recommendations: 

  • less than 70cc engine: 6 year or older 
  • 70-90 cc engine: 12 years or older 
  • 90cc engine: 16 years of age

Do a quick 4-part check to make sure your child is physically able to operate the ATV:

  • Is there 3 inches between the ATV seat and his/her inseam when they stand? 
  • Are his/her arms long enough to turn the handlebars all the way to the right and to the left? 
  • Are his/her hands big enough to work the brake lever, the throttle, and other hand controls? 
  • Can his/her feet comfortably reach and operate the brake and other controls?

A DOT or Snell approved helmet that fits snuggly should be a requirement every time anyone rides an ATV. Additional protective clothing include: goggles, sturdy boots, gloves, long pants, and a long sleeved shirt.

In addition, ATV training courses are offered through a local ATV dealer or the ATV Safety Institute.

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